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Wooden Ring Boxes 0

His & Hers Wooden Ring Boxes and some other designs

I wanted to design some ‘his & hers wooden ring boxes’ with two separate cavities for storing rings in. I had some reclaimed pieces of Red Ironbark from an old sixty year old house...

Large Partitioned Jewellery Box 1

Building a large partitioned Jewellery Box

I acquired a board of Laos Rosewood with what I think is a nice grain figure, and I wanted to make sure that whatever I build with it displays this figure prominently. Because of...

Finger jointed wooden keepsake box with open lid 0

Making two wooden Keepsake Boxes

My wife asked me to make a wooden keepsake box as a gift for a friend of hers. She wanted a box that looks like Box No. 1177 by Peter Lloyd because of the...